If you are planning to build a new home and are looking for reliable and professional builders for your project, look no further. With some of the best home builders in our team, CEQ Builder will be there every step of the way for a complete end-to-end custom new home build.

At CEQ Builder, we understand building a new home is a dream come true for many. Whether you’ve always known what your new home will look like or need some advice for an investment property build, our expert team is here to help your ideas come to life.

How CEQ Builder will manage the end-to-end process of building your new home

CEQ Builder’s services are there every step to work collaboratively with you to design your new home. It’s our pride and joy to help our customers realise the full potential of their creative vision as we create their dream homes. Our services include:


  • Planning


Our team works closely with clients to discuss plans, specifications, local authority requirements and expectations of the build. We provide our clients with a detailed quote for their new home build, so they know what to expect from the get-go. We don’t believe in hidden fees or unexpected costs. We’ll discuss every aspect of the build so you know exactly what to expect. Customer satisfaction remains our priority. We will also communicate a designated timeframe and budget that is realistic for the build and suits your needs.


  • Designing


When designing our custom new homes to build, we remain committed to delivering high-quality craft to our customers. After carefully considering the property’s location and specifications, we will complete our home design for our customers to approve. The design includes the floor plan displaying the layouts of each room and a sustainable design depending on the home’s climate, such as the home’s orientation, materials, finishes and landscaping. We work alongside our clients throughout this process to ensure we fulfil their requirements and inclusions.


  • Documenting the drawings


Our team will present you with concept designs to communicate our ideas so you can assess them before the build. This will give you a chance to decide if the look and feel of the design appeal to you and whether the design allows ample living space and storage.


  • Construction


Once you have signed off on our final design, it will be submitted to the local government for approval before we start construction. Our builders pay careful attention to detail to ensure your building experience with us is positive and memorable.

CEQ Builder — Melbourne’s new home builds you can depend on

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to build a new home in Melbourne. With over ten years of experience in the building industry, you can depend on CEQ Builder for high-quality artistry. But why take our word for it? Explore our projects and see for yourself. To get started, reach out to our team — we look forward to hearing from you!

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